Support, advice and practical help to achieve compliance with the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations

Synergy Compliance was formed in 2003 after obtaining approval from the Secretary of State for the Environment and the Environment Agency to operate a packaging compliance scheme.

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About Synergy Compliance

Synergy's aim is to make compliance with the regulations as simple as possible by working closely with our members, the regulatory bodies and accredited reprocessors and exporters. We achieve this through a team of dedicated and highly experienced staff, several of these having Environment Agency training.

We work with a broad range of accredited reprocessors and exporters to protect our supply of Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs); we pay our reprocessors and exporters a fair market price and settle accounts promptly to ensure a competitive price for our members.

In addition we help members by arranging contracts for them to supply their 'backdoor' packaging waste directly to reprocessors and exporters in exchange for revenue and/or PRNs in order to reduce their own obligation costs. Synergy Compliance is able to provide an efficient, professional and friendly service to assist our members through every step of this complex, rapidly changing area of legislation.

Synergy Compliance is also a corporate member of Tree Appeal; we plant a tree for each member through Tree Appeal in the locality of their company for each year of Synergy Compliance membership. This provides a local civic amenity to improve the local environment and offset carbon emissions.

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